Reasoning Without God Vs. Obedience--A Poem

Published: 21st January 2009
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Reasoning Without
By Timothy G. Cochran

In our search, oh in our searching
We seek to know right from wrong.
It matters not, without God;
No reasoning would be so strong.

First expelled from paradise,
Prophecy left for fulfilling.
Purchase of the church sanctified...
Follow Christ in now, God willing.

Accepting this is not enough.
Faith alone does not get us in.
Satan has faith, with the wrong stuff.
Repent not without penitence.

We sing our praises in worship,
Completed when God we obey.
Then grace empowers our goodness;
Amending sin becomes our way.

His grace enables fine service,
He furthers work in us to see,
That someday we shall live like Christ.
What a goal to have, what a way to be!!

About the Author (Resource Box): My name's Timothy G. Cochran. As entrepreneurs, my wife and I work at home with a combination of various businesses on the internet, while I also freelance write. My craft of writing poems, short stories, articles, e-books and more spans a couple of decades. For this article I used personal experience as reference and knowledge gleaned from the Bible. Come and join us at and find the perfect gift for a loved one. Diamond Anniversary Ring

Note: I grant permission for anyone to reprint this article, or poem for free as long as it remains unchanged, which includes the Resource Box and this Note, where no changes can be made. Please make no deletions or additions except that you may add your own link to the Resource Box only if or as long as it is listed below mine. --Timothy G. Cochran

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